A business model definition validating opportunities opened by

11-Aug-2017 21:24

“The BMI team is and has been a great partner from the start,” notes Florian.

“It has provided us with a lean framework for corporate entrepreneurship as well as great guidance and support for business model validation and all commercialization aspects.” Claus von Riegen understands the opportunities and challenges of innovating from within.

Organizations that find a means to stay agile and develop a business model innovation capability are better off in the long run.

Through this capability, they can pursue the right business models faster and eventually stay competitive.

The cloud allows us to create volume businesses where our solutions are used by an increasingly large number of SME customers.

This requires new sales motions and monetization models such as “try before you buy”, “pay-as-you-go”, or “freemium”.

If we want to be a true cloud platform player, we need to find ways to significantly scale the monetization of innovations that happen outside our company borders.

This protects and optimizes existing business models, but it also leads to structures, processes and incentive schemes that focus only on the incremental optimization of the status quo.

How can we enable others to drive innovation in these markets by leveraging SAP technology?

As long as SAP HANA is a key ingredient of, for example, a traffic management solution, we can create new revenue streams without putting the solution on our own pricelist.

SAP recently received an innovation award for business model agility.

Head of Business Model Innovation Claus von Riegen explains the rewards and challenges of teaching big companies new tricks.

What’s the significance of the Business Model Transformation Award for SAP? Darwin from University of California, Berkeley clearly see that SAP is successfully creating its own business model innovation capability.