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30-Jul-2017 21:20

African-American women have a different experience. Many are grappling with classism and racism, a hope-killing combo. In addition, I’ve been party to a few tirades from West Indian women about how “lucky” Black women here are.The bottom line is simple: Our cultural backgrounds do lend themselves to different perks.the kind that earn honest/decent livings and provide with no excuses. Women who are goal oriented generally know off gate when a clown is on the prowl and can easily spot him out but some get sucked in because unfortunately our men are known for being smooth talkers!however sometimes a no nonsense woman can make a Caribbean 'player' change his ways - i can vouch for that one.If you think Nigerian men are uptight and culture oriented then biko stick to your free spirited Caribbean men! Thonia Slim: Madam Zedwitu, are you being forced to date/look at a Nigerian man?I can't stand it when you folks come on here going about Nigerian men this and that! So you either adapt to his way of doing things or look else where! If you think Nigerian men are uptight and culture oriented then biko stick to your free spirited Caribbean men! Gbam, thank you I thought i was the only getting highly irritated by the comparison, it is not by force to date Naija Men, for pete's sake.It's a sad reality but luckily it does not apply in all cases.I know some caribbean men who are devoted fathers, lovers and husbands. Most caribbean men respect and crave no nonsense women but the chicken heads according to them are not worthy and sadly the children suffer for it.

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So Black American women do have the ability to do things that Caribbean women don’t, such as, finance education. That said some West Indian women who have worked their tails off to make through school or to start a business might carry themselves with a sense of accomplishment.A trifling man is trifling regardless if he is married or not.Please let not go there about these married men that are screwing and having illegitimate kids with other women.unlike our african brothers and sisters we for the most part are not 'bound' if you will by certain traditions and expectations as our 'adoptive' culture is mostly from modern European/American stand points.

This culture is all about this "free will, free to do as we want" mentality.

in our culture a man is a man who provides but somehow our younger men believe a man is a man who can not only provide but have more kids and baby mothers than the next .

With time and practice, you should become more aware of these cues the moment they occur and this provides an opportunity to respond differently.… continue reading »

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