Cats intemidating each other

28-Nov-2017 19:12

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Likewise, dogs — especially puppies — like to chase each other. Chasing cats can be just as fun as chasing other dogs…unless you're the cat, of course.

Again, cats may interpret such behavior as a threat.

Your cat does not urinate or defecate outside the box due to spite or anger towards you, even though it may feel that way.

This week, our Litter Box Mentor, Cat Coach Marilyn Krieger, answers reader Renee’s question about why her cat Izzy is intimidating her other cat, Skittles, in the litter box…and what Renee can do to restore peace.

In fact, many will show you that dogs and cats can play together and even sleep curled up together.

As with many questions in life, there's simply no easy answer to the question of whether dogs and cats can get along.

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This may lead the cat to defend itself against an attack that's really just a desire to play.

Then when Skittles is done in the litter box, Izzy chases and tries to attack Skittles …