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25-Jul-2017 17:53

The opposition had begun by demanding civil, legal and political rights, but the rejection of compromise by the royal family and the violence of the security forces has led to an escalation of their demands.On 17 February the police attacked sleeping protesters at the Pearl roundabout and killed at least four of them.Iran claims that the US dragged Saudi Arabia into invading while the Pentagon denies that it had any advance warning of Saudi military intervention.

There are growing signs of division between Shia and Sunni.

While others enjoy the countryside with long stretches of coastline.

But regardless of why, studies show that the friendly population is one of the greatest attractions.

Such fighting broke out in different parts of Bahrain overnight Monday, with Sunnis and Shias trading accusations in the media. An armed gang stormed the printing press of Bahrain's only opposition newspaper Al Wasat and tried to smash its presses and stop its publication.

It was later published using machinery from other papers.Opposition demands became more radical, seeking a constitutional monarchy or even the removal of the King.

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