Fault of radiometric dating

03-Nov-2017 20:39

Geology is the scientific study of the Earth, the materials of which it is made, the structure of those materials, and the processes acting upon them.

The Greek derivation of the word "geology" refers only to the Earth, but since the beginning of the space age, the field has expanded to include the study of the solid matter of other celestial bodies, such as Mars and the Moon.

bar (stream) - An accumulation of sediment, usually sandy, which forms at the borders or in the channels of streams or offshore from a beach.

barchan - A crescent-shaped sand dune moving across a clean surface with its convex face upwind and its concave slip face downwind.

Geological analysis relies mainly on chemistry, physics and mathematics. a'a' lava - basaltic lava characterized by a rough or rubbly surface composed of broken lava blocks called clinker.

A-horizon - The uppermost layer of a soil, containing organic material and leached minerals.

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alkali metal - A strongly basic metal like potassium or sodium.barrier island - A long, narrow island parallel to the shore, composed of sand and built by wave action.

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