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17-Dec-2017 22:21

"I'm not sure they see what's going on around them and if they do, it's maybe through blurred vision."Many yoga devotees who flock to Bali's cultural capital, Ubud, choose not to engage with the locals but instead seek out other yogis and hang at the same cafes, bemoans De Neefe.

"I'm not sure they even try Balinese food; a tragedy.

De Neefe, who moved from Melbourne to Ubud 30 years ago, said what appears to have changed the most is the young traveller; engulfed in celebrity culture and drinking beer and cocktails by the pool.

She laments those who visit Bali for nothing more than cheap drinks.

find new friends and possible relationships, discuss topics, have a laugh and just generally get people mixing and mingling again." "I'm a dairy farmer in the big smoke of Te Kuiti and I generally work from 3am-6pm, 7 days a week.

I usually work a 6 week stint and then get a weekend off...

Sulphuric water, believed to cure skin disease, spills from the mouths of stone-carved naga – mythical, dragon-like creatures – into three pools at an inviting temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.I'm encouraging people who maybe shy or lack confidence to put themselves out there and meet new people." The page is currently in its infancy but Aimee is hoping to start organising and singles events once it is more established.If you're interested in getting in touch you can contact Aimee at NZ Rural Singles.Across the lush valley high above the raging Ayung River, the resonant call of the drums beckons the villagers to the temple.

The sweet smell of incense and frangipani fills the air as slender Balinese men and women work the fertile rice fields.Perhaps in their older years they will return, open their eyes and see the charm and wisdom in local life."Mary Justice Thomasson-Croll, resident editor of the Luxe Bali guide encourages visitors to participate in the island's ceremonies by sourcing an invitation through your resort or villa or through a new-found Balinese friend."You must wear a sash and sarong so as not to offend which is basically your invitation to attend," she says.