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In Colonel Edwards’s employ, Russell grows to like the colonel but is repelled by his misogyny as well as Gerald, his lecherous son.

She also finds strong evidence of the colonel's antagonism against Ruskin, but nothing more incriminating.

Kent had previously been the band's sound mixer before joining as a musician.

Russell’s efforts help unlock memories of that evening, and the witness identifies Jason Rogers as the perpetrator.A Letter of Mary is the third in the Mary Russell mystery series of novels by Laurie R. This is the first case that Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes work on together as husband and wife.The story features a cameo by Lord Peter Wimsey In August 1923, Mary Russell and husband Sherlock Holmes receive an unexpected visit from Dorothy Ruskin, an elderly amateur archeologist from the Holy Land, who met the couple four and a half years earlier during the events from O Jerusalem (novel).Rogers moved between towns multiple times during his adolescence, including Adelaide and Canberra.

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Following his primary school years in Applecross, a suburb of Perth, Rogers later became school captain at Sydney school Oakhill College.

who would later become the long-term bass player of You Am I.

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