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After finally buying and reading your stuff I am beating myself up for wasting so much time looking elsewhere. But unfortunately there are few who have the finances (or the time off from work) to go to one of these workshops. It is the only time I have ever sold my materials for this low, low price.Most people would say that is actually a small price to pay for a lifetime of pure love and devotion in a relationship. Remember, I am having this sale only until I have raised enough funds to buy my next car. "My husband lost interest in sex about 7 years ago and we usually only had it about once a month or less.Our friends have even commented how much happier we seem to be."I simply wanted HOT SEX!I discovered I already knew about half the tips but the others I didn't know seem like a lot of fun to try.My p**** will probably fall off with all these new tips but I will be one happy man." "I tried out the 10 thrust tip that you mentioned last week and my wife said she had the most powerful orgasm ever.She wanted to know where I learned about that move but I was too embarrassed to tell her.I feel like we are much closer as a result of the better lovemaking.

I had been reading it on my lunch hours and last night I tried out many of your suggestions and my wife actually started screaming (in a good way). Nothing compares to that excitement and thrill of doing it in different places, even naughty ones.We have tried out about 20 of them so far and all have been super successful.When I looked at the clock I realized that we had been having foreplay for 33 minutes before intercourse began. And you were right, I had the most amazing orgasm (actually 2) ever. Personality, Feelings & Emotions Favorites Pets Attractions Health, Food & Well Being Vacations Morals, Convictions and Beliefs Religion & Spiritual Matters Car & Driver Holidays & Celebrations Home & Home Life Past & Future Hobbies & Entertainment Love, Romance & Date Nights Friends & Family Communication Career and Education Money Relationships – Past & Present Children & Child Rearing Wedding & Honeymoon Sex"I'm a divorced single mum but when I was married I went through this book after I was married and there was so much, even after being married for 12 years, that I didn't know about my ex-husband.Michael - I wish I would have bought this the first time I visited.

I thought I could find great ideas for free just surfing the web.Both my wife and I felt convicted that giving her our (really nice) car (which we absolutely loved) was the right thing for us to do. I am a fan of Dave Ramsey (the Financial Peace guy).

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