Updating firmware on nikon sb 900 rules for dating my future self wiki

27-Aug-2017 04:31

The problem is that the switch and interlock button is too small.

You won't be making these changes with gloves on, that's for sure.

You use the normal firmware update method (Firmware version on the SETUP menu) to update the Speedlight.

With the SB-900 mounted, the Speedlight's firmware is shown as the S value (A and B are camera firmware, L is lens, S is Speedlight).

Nikon has provided updates for the SB-900 firmware, something previously not done with Speedlight units.

Curiously, even the foot that slides into the hot shoe seems to have gained some weight: it's just enough thicker that previous models that some accessories won't work on it.

Basically, the carrying case has a simple, small belt loop attachment point. That plastic socket is going to last exactly, well, it won't last long on most shooting sets I've been on.

The loop isn't big enough for any of the "belts" that most of use on our packs and belt systems, thus we end up having to kludge a way to use the case or abandon it completely. This was a silly penny decision on a US0 product.

You can even put the wide diffuser the gel holder, so Nikon was actually thinking more about combos of things we want to do with flash than they have in the past.

Of course, if you've got an old flash head attachment you like to use for diffusing, directing, or bouncing flash, you'll need to get new ones, since the actual head area is physically larger and the connect system (slots in the plastic) is different.

The first thing you'll notice about the SB-900 is the size.