Validating email addresses on blackberry

16-Oct-2017 01:00

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Note: For those using Black Berry Device Software 4.5 to 4.7, install the Gmail Enhanced Plug-in using the instructions that were sent to you in a PIN message after integrating your Gmail account before proceeding any further.

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In the following screenshot, you can see an example of how the “My Gmail” icon appears compared to the standard Messages icon.Since 2009, Black Berry smartphones with OS 5.0 and above have integrated native support for Gmail.When you use the Enhanced Gmail™ Plug-in, your Black Berry smartphone can support multiple Gmail email accounts, have calendar and contact syncing, and access Gmail-specific functions such as Archive, Star, Label, Conversations View and Remote Search.If you are using Black Berry Device Software 4.5 to 4.7, after integrating your Gmail email account, use the steps below. On the Home screen, select “Setup” followed by “Email Accounts”. Select “Internet Mail Account” followed by selecting “Gmail”. Enter your Gmail username and password followed by selecting “Continue”. Select the “Change Settings” button to customize your settings, such as how your name appears when sending emails and/or the signature that you can optionally use to sign your emails.

You will receive a PIN message with instructions on how to install the Enhanced Gmail Plug-in. An important setting here is the Email Account Name – this is what will appear on your Home screen email icon.Tip: For those using Black Berry 7 OS, you can also access the Gmail-specific features from the Messages icon as well as the dedicated Gmail email icon that appears on your Home screen after integrating your Gmail email account. Select the “Gmail” email icon to view your Gmail email messages and highlight a Gmail email message 2.