Who is vince vaughn dating now

28-Jul-2017 04:05

So when he talks about his documentary on the murals of Belfast, about death and beauty and art and bombs and what makes us the same and what makes us different, you almost expect him to say, "Just kidding," and drop his pants.

Isn't this the guy who was paid million to make Fred Claus? It's just that Chicago's where I'm from, you know what I mean?

(Earlier this year, Forbes ranked him as the best investment in the business, garnering more than fourteen dollars at the box office for every dollar he's paid.) But he would like to remind you, gently, that those same smarts compelled him to cold-shoulder most of the commercial films he was offered after Swingers.

Instead, he chose to appear in a succession of smaller, darker movies with forgotten titles: A Cool, Dry Place and Clay Pigeons and Return to Paradise.

He's asked the question that all Chicago natives must answer in their hearts shortly after they take their first breath, coloring their fates and their futures for the rest of their lives. "As a kid, the Cubs were my team."Now we're getting -- "That being said, when the White Sox won the World Series, I was rooting for them the whole way. They think you have to root for one or the other."They think that because you do."I've always rooted for both," he says, raising his hands, I don't know what to tell you. The public Vaughn, the professional Vaughn, is the man in the middle, afraid to give anyone a reason not to like him. "I just want people to come to my stuff and escape and see me as a character, not as anything else." Seeing him here just now, his legs stretched like bridges across to the coffee table, the light catching the worry lines and lumps on his face, you get the feeling that even in Belfast Vaughn would always find a way to be the black taxi. "Not a chance," Vaughn says, and he jumps out the window. Because I'm not here to get played, dog."Now with his hands up, in a calmer voice: "Slow down, man, it's just dot dot dot.

It's the question that answers every other question: Cubs or White Sox? I go to Comiskey Park, and I root for them against anyone in the American League and anyone in the National League except for the Cubs. "Because I love Chicago most of all."He sinks deeper into the couch, exhausted by his lies. But I consider Los Angeles home as well -- I moved here when I was eighteen years old, and this city's been very good to me. There is only one question that Vaughn will answer without reservation. Smith, I'm convinced that something's going to go down."Vaughn starts looking around the restaurant, jittery and bug-eyed, seeing imaginary vampire bats swooping down from the rafters."It's crazy, but the more I'm past questioning it, the funnier it is. It's just, like, to be continued."WHAT'S TO BE CONTINUED?!

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A few years ago, Vaughn was traveling around Ireland with a friend when they found their way into troubled Belfast.

He sits down and almost immediately people come to spend time in his shadow, beating even the waiter. Let me come to your loft so you can take pictures of me tied up on the bed."But that's Vince Vaughn's trick. And because of his size, and because he inherited from his salesman father a competitive streak as well as a knack for volume business, he is voracious in his appetites (steak and lobster and creamed spinach) and his desires (to be loved).

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